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Diffraction holes 202245

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Diffraction holes

SKU: 202245

Brand: Jeulin

The Holes and Young's Holes token in the shape of a Ø 40 mm token makes it possible to study in a practical, visual and precise way the influence of the diameter of a hole on diffraction, but also interference by Young's holes as well than more original obstacles (squares, rectangles...).

This accessory is very easy to use, mounted on a component holder (like lenses).

The production process allows a regularity of the order of a µm. It provides figures of excellent quality.

They are resistant to heat as well as to aging and are very insensitive to dirt.

Coupled with the Clix system, you no longer need adjustments to move from one slot to another. Keep your alignment, just turn and measure!

- Single holes: (6) 30, 50, 70 100, 200, 500 µm
- Double holes: (3) ø70µm – spacing 100, 200, 400 µm
- Squares: (2) 70x70 µm – 200x200 µm
- Rectangle: (1) 70x200µm