Digital Binocular Microscope with 5 MP Camera

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Image scale: 40-1000 (4 (N.A. 0.10), 10 (N.A. 0.25), 40 (N.A. 0.65 with specimen protection), 100 (N.A. 1.25 oil immersion, with specimen protection))
Condenser: NA 1.25 Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm and filter holder, height-adjustable
Lamp type: LED
Lens type: Semi-Plan Achromatic
Eyepiece: 10x/18 (Far field eyepiece WF 10x/18, with firm pointer)
Power supply: 85-240V, built-in battery charger, detachable power cord
Capacity Megapixel: 1.3
Brightness control: yes
Viewing posture (°): 45° angled eyepiece, 360° rotatable
Specimen stage: Specimen stage (120 x 120 mm)
Focusing: Coarse and fine movement (coaxial, with 0.002 mm division)
Type of build: Camera