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Digital Water Bath W/O PCB

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Ease of use:
Fully digital thermostated bain-marie, you set the desired temperature to the nearest degree up to 100°C with a push button and you're done... The bain-marie does the rest.
The actual temperature or the setpoint temperature can be read at any time on the digital screen.

- The W shape of the tubular resistance ensures rapid temperature rise and optimal heat distribution.
- Fine regulation ensures a constant temperature very close to the set temperature.

The power is visible by an indicator light. A second light indicates that the resistance is heating.
The control box is made of insulating plastic molded in one piece, protecting it from splashes.
A safety switch cuts off the heating when the water level drops below the safety threshold or in the event of a spill.

- Digital temperature control box with display and resistance in W.
- 2.5 L polycarbonate
tank. - Stainless steel rack for 16 tubes of Ø 18 mm and 1 external thermometer.
- Clamp for transporting the rack.
- Polycarbonate cover.


Technical characteristics

Tank: Transparent with minimum temperature level.
Stability: ± 1°C.
Homogeneity: ± 1°C.
Adjustment: From the setpoint temperature by push button to within 1°C up to 100°C.
Heating: by resistor in W with regulation at ±1°C.
Power: 600 W.
Power supply: 220 V - 50 Hz.