DL8003 Digital Pen

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Simple operation.
Item checks general electric products, electronic leakage and broken line.
It's perfect for home use and handy when checking holiday lights.
Item checks wire and tells you which is hot (fire), which is cold (ground), and incredible, No battery is needed.
Test range: 12~250V AC DC.

How to use:
This product is suitable for direct detection of 12V-22Slotted Screwdriver0V AC and DC and indirect detection of the zero line, phase line of AC and the detection of the breakpoint.

Voltage detection
1 The final figure is the voltage value.
2 It will indicate the lower value if not reach 70%of the display value of the high value.
3 Please touch the negative pole when testing the voltage of the DC.
4 Inductance can be used when testing the item with lower than 12V voltage
5 It must be connected to the ground or the zero when testing the item with the induction.

Sensor detection
When detecting line side by side, please increase the space between the lines or hand-hold the defected item.
Break detection
Move along the phase line, when there is nothing shown in the display window, it is the breakpoint.