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DRV8833 2 Channel DC Motor Driver Module

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DRV8833 is a dual H-bridge motor driver IC that can be used for bidirectional control of two brushed DC motors at 2.7 V to 10.8 V. It can supply up to about 1.2 A per channel continuously and can tolerate peak currents up to 2 A per channel for a few seconds, making it an ideal driver for small motors that run on relatively low voltages. The board ships populated with SMD components, including the DRV8833, and adds an FET for reverse battery protection.

The DRV8833 has a higher peak current rating (2 A per channel vs 1.5 A), optional built-in current-limiting, and no need for externally supplied logic voltage.


  1. Dual-H-bridge motor driver: can drive two DC motors or one bipolar stepper motor
  2. Operating voltage: 2.7‌‌ V to 10.8 V
  3. Output current: 1.2 A continuous (2 A peak) per motor
  4. Motor outputs can be paralleled to deliver 2.4 A continuous (4 A peak) to a single motor
  5. Inputs are 3V- and 5V-compatible
  6. Under-voltage lockout and protection against over-current and over-temperature
  7. Reverse-voltage protection circuit
  8. Current limiting can be enabled by adding sense resistors (not included)


Operating voltage

2.7‌‌ V to 10.8 V

Output current

1.2 A continuous (2 A peak) per motor









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0.01 kg

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9 × 7 × 2 cm