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Electric Circuit Science Experiment Kit

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Package Including
2 * AA battery holders
2 * Bulb holders,
5 * Bulbs,
1 * Switch,
1 * Switch (SPST),
6 * Cables,
1 * Transparent storage box,
2 * AA batteries


1. Electric Circuit Kit: This is a safe and simple electrical introductory kit that can help children understand the circuit.
2. Improve Hands-on Ability: These basic electric circuit kits allow children to build, test, and explore basic simple circuits to improve hands-on skills and develop learning skills.
3. Electrical Experiments Tools: The circuit kit includes the basic components of the circuit, which can complete simple electrical experiments, and students can explore the connection methods of the circuit to gain a deeper understanding of the principle of the circuit.
4. Application in Multiple Occasions: The tool kit is very suitable for science projects in grades 3 to 4 to 5 to 5, summer camps, and science. Fairs, hands-on centers, science clubs, home school learning, teaching aids, gifts for children, and anything related to STEM education.
5. Material: Made of environmentally friendly materials, high quality and durable, very suitable for children over 5 years to perform experiments.
6. Packing Size: 5.71 inch * 3.35 inch * 1.38 inch
7. PAY ATTENTION: Please read the instructions carefully, use the correct circuit diagram to avoid short circuit, short circuit will produce high temperature and cause the battery holder case to melt and burned, the kids must use under the supervision of adults.