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Electrophoresis Set 591031

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Vessel for electrophoresis on agarose gel and cellulose acetate strip. It allows the study and separation of serum proteins or amino acids. The strip holder can hold three cellulose acetate strips of 2.5 x 14 cm. Quick and easy positioning of the strips thanks to a device of swivelling wedges attached to the support. Optimal safety: the tank is equipped with a mechanical safety device, it is only electrically powered when closed. The removal of the cover automatically stops the power supply.

Plastic tank with two compartments Transparent cover with integrated power cords with 4 mm safety banana plugs Strip holder Electrodes will be made of platinum coated titanium Gel holder 11-tooth comb for well molding (vol. 8-10 µL) Serum applicator

The strong points

  • Safe

  • Suitable for student use

  • Numerous practical exercises

Brand: Jeulin

SKU: 591031