ESP-07 ESP8266 Serial WIFI Module

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Ai Thinker ESP-07 ESP8266 Serial WiFi Module has a highly competitive package size and ultra-low power technology. ESP-07 can be widely used in a variety of networking, for home automation, industrial wireless control, baby monitors, wearable electronic products, wireless location sensing devices, wireless positioning system signals, and other networking applications. Ai Thinker ESP-07 ESP8266 Serial WiFi Module is packaged in SMD, through the standard SMT equipment to achieve rapid production of products, to provide customers with high reliability of the connection, especially for automation, large-scale, low-cost modern production methods, It’s suitable for all kinds of Internet of things hardware terminal occasion

This amazingly priced wireless module allows any microcontroller to connect to an 802.11b/g/n wireless network. This, in turn, provides your microcontroller project with the ability to request data from a server anywhere in the world via a suitable WiFI connection. Control of the module couldn’t be simpler as it comes pre-flashed with a serial application allowing it to be controlled via simple ‘AT’ serial (115200 baud default) commands. The ESP8266-07 also features an on-board ceramic antenna as well as a uFL connector allowing an external antenna to be connected (see item HCWILS0001).


  1. The smallest 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi SOC module
  2. Low power 32-bit CPU, can also serve as the application processor
  3. Up to 160MHz clock speed
  4. Built-in 10 bit high precision ADC
  6. SMD-16 package for easy welding
  7. Integrated Wi-Fi MAC/BB/RF/PA/LNA
  8. Deep sleep current as low as 20uA
  9. Embedded lwIP protocol stack
  10. Supports STA/AP/STA + AP operation mode
  11. Support Smart Config/AirKiss technology
  12. UART baudrate up to 4Mbps
  13. General AT commands can be used quickly
  14. Supports remote firmware upgrade (FOTA)


Module Model




SPI Flash

Default 8Mbit

Antenna Type

Ceramic and IPEX

Input Supply Range (VDC)

3.0 ~ 3.6

Transmit Power (dBm)

802.11b: 16±2 dBm (@11Mbps)
802.11g: 14±2 dBm (@54Mbps)
802.11n: 13±2 dBm (@HT20, MCS7)

Receiving Sensitivity

54 Mbps (3/4 64-QAM): -70dBm
6 Mbps (1/2 BPSK): -88dBm
CCK, 1 Mbps : -90dBm
CCK, 11 Mbps: -85dBm
HT20, MCS7 (65 Mbps, 72.2 Mbps): -67dBm



IO Port


Frequency Range

2412 ~ 2484MHz

UART Baudrate

Support 300 ~ 4608000 bps ˈDefault 115200 bps

Operating Temperature (°C)

-20 to 85



Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Height (mm)


Weight (gm)


Shipment Weight

0.01 kg

Shipment Dimensions

8 × 5 × 1 cm