FR120N Isolation MOSFET MOS Tube Field Effect Transistor

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Module features:

1, isolation with optical coupler, isolation of power between control signal and controlled device, and great improvement of rigid interference.

 2, compatible with MCU and Arduino lamp control panel, 3V or 5V signal.

3, high level start, low level stop, PWM speed regulation

4, widely used to control motor starting and stopping, solenoid valves and other tributaries.

5. There is a selection of MOS tubes with various specifications.

LR7843 : 30V 161A

6, the signal input side can self weld terminals or pins, compatible with breadboard.

7. The output can be welded or directly welded.

8, module size 23mm X 16mm has 2 2mm diameter screw holes, and the distance between holes is 8mm.