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.2 Channel output

.Max. output frequency 25MHz

.Arbitrary waveform output

.Inner -20dB   attenuator with 1mV accuracy

.Max. 999s Ling/Log. sweep

.Pulse duty cycle resolution up to 1‰

.Compact design, high desktop efficiency

.PC software available


Technical Data
SG306A SG312A SG325A
Main output Output frequency

0~6MHz (sine)
0~6MHz (others)

0~12MHz (sine)
0~6MHz (others)

0~25MHz (sine)
0~6MHz (others)

Output amplitude

5mVp-p~20Vp-p (>12MHz)

5mVp-p~15Vp-p (<12MHz)

Output wave sine, square, triangle, TTL, arbitrary
Output modulation sweep frequency
Wave length 2048 points
Wave accuracy 12bits
Sampling rate 200MSa/s
Frequency resolution 10mHz
Frequency accuracy ≤±20ppm
Amplitude resolution 10mVp-p(no attenuation), 1mVp-p(-20dB)
Amplitude accuracy ≤±1%+10mV@1kHz, 15Vp-p
Amplitude stability ±0.5% (every 5 hours)
Offset range -120%~+120% (offset voltage : signal amplitude)
Offset resolution 1%
Phase range 0~ 359.0°
Phase resolution
Sine wave Harmonic distortion 40dBc(<1MHz), 35dBc(1MHz~20MHz)
Distortion factor ≤0.8% (20Hz~20kHz)
Square wave Rise time ≤20ns
Duty cycle range 0 ~ 99.9%
TTL   output Rise or fall time ≤20ns
Low level <0.3V
High level 1V~10V
Sweep Sweep mode Line and log
Sweep time 1s~999s
Ext. measuring Frequency range

0.1Hz~60MHz, Gate time = 10s
1Hz~60MHz, Gate time = 1s
10Hz~60MHz, Gate time = 0.1s
100Hz~60MHz, Gate time = 0.01s

Iutput amplitude 0.5Vp-p~20Vp-p
Counter range (manual) 0~4294967295
Pulse width measuring Max. 10s (10ns resolution)
Cycle measuring Max. 20s (20ns resolution)
Signal input Ext. IN (analog input), TTL IN (digital input)
Storage M0~M9 (10 slot)
Remote control interface USB
Power supply DC 5V (with adapter)
Dimensions(W × H × D) 190 × 71 × 180mm
Weight 0.5kg