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Power supply (24V 16.7A)

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 24V DC 16.7A output
 AC input voltage range: 93~132V/176~264VAC
 110V/220V AC selected by switch
 High-efficiency low cost
 Forced air cooling by built-in DC fan
 Low output ripple and yawp
 Over-current, over-voltage, short circuit and overheat protections
 215*115*50mm(L*W*H)


Connect this unit to 110 or 220 Volts AC household power, and it will supply 400 Watts at 24 Volts DC and 17 Amps. This power supply has been engineered specifically for use with DC motors. Most power supplies designed for use with LED lighting or other electronics will simply shut down when exposed to the high current demands of motors. Built-in current limiting protects the unit from overloads and short circuits. The current limiting feature enables these power supplies to keep functioning through the high-current start-up surges from motors. AmpFlow power supplies will just limit the current to the rated maximum even when a larger load is called for, (like when a DC motor starts up). Also, inductive loads (like motors) can cause damage to power supplies that are not designed for them. These power supplies also work well in any application where AC line voltage needs to be converted to DC voltage. Other uses include LED lighting, HAM radio, battery charging, and replacing plug-in AC adapters when more power is required. Short-circuit and overload protections help these units survive harsh operating conditions. The power supply shuts down temporarily if the temperature, current, or voltage goes beyond the safe operating range, and it starts up again automatically when the condition goes away – no rebooting is necessary. This high-efficiency power supply has an output voltage that is adjustable by plus or minus 10%. It includes an EMI filter to minimize interference with radio signals and a soft-start circuit that reduces the AC inrush current peaks. Every power supply goes through a full-load burn-in test, so no defective unit leaves the factory. This unit meets all the following safety and EMC standards: UL 1950, EN60950, EN55022, IEC100-3-2, CE, ROHSAmpFlow® power supplies are available in 5V, 12V, 24V, 36V, and 48 Volts at up to 1000 Watts. Search for “AmpFlow power supply” for more choices.