Hook's law apparatus

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From ARCO:                                                                                                                              For demonstrating hook's law. Consists of rod mounted vertically on a stable base with a steel scale graduated 0-15cm x 1mm and provision for its height adjustment. An integrated mass hanger and pointer is attached to the lower end of the spring. Loading the hanger produces extension in the spring which can be read from pointer position along with scale.

From SUPERTEK:                                                                                                                        

For investigating potential energy and vibrating masses as well as Hooke’s law. Includes a 15-cm adjustable scale mounted on a sturdy support, a spring with a weight hanger and pointer attached. Supplied without weights.


PH10612H -----
PH10612W Weight set for use with hook's law apparatus 4x20 gm slotted weights and 1x20 gm hange