Kundt's tube with analog output 222044 أنبوب كوندت بمخرج تناظري – SMARTQAT

Kundt's tube with analog output 222044 أنبوب كوندت بمخرج تناظري

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Kundt's tube with analog output

SKU: 222044 

Brand: Jeulin

The Kundt tube is designed to study the deformations of an air column in which sound waves are produced. The device consists of a plastic tube mounted on a stand with a loudspeaker at one end and a removable cap at the other. The loudspeaker is powered by a function generator (not supplied) allowing the frequency of the sound wave to be varied. The amplitude of the sound signal is picked up by an electret microphone mounted on a movable rod inside the tube. The movement is done manually by a rotary button. The recording of the displacement and of the received signal is done on a computer from any ExAO system. An oscilloscope can also be used to view the received signal. The measurements can be performed with the tube open or closed. The user can then record the raw signal where the curve envelops that signal.

Loudspeaker: 8 Ω / 0.25 W. To be supplied with a GBF (not supplied). 3 analog outputs: -5 V / +5 V proportional to displacement, -5 V / +5 V proportional to the sound signal, -5 V / +5 V proportional to the signal envelope. Microphone / speaker distance: adjustable 0 to 500 mm, by rotary button. Power supply: 12 V mains adapter, supplied. Connections: safety sockets Ø 4 mm. Dimensions: 700 x 100 x 96 mm.

The strong points

  • Study of standing waves

  • Recording of the raw signal and the envelope curve

  • ExAO or oscilloscope operation