KY-033 TCRT5000 Tracking Sensor

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1.Detection distance, test white paper about 2 cm. Different color different distance more white.

2.Power supply Voltage: 2.5 volts ~12 Volts, no more than 12 volts

(note: The use of power supply voltage is low, the power supply voltage is too high, the sensor life will be shortened, 5 kv power supply for the preferred power).

3.Working current, 5 V 18-20ma. After several tests, the sensor hardware is set to the best performance of the current 18 Ma 20 ma, mainly in the capacity-jamming.

If you need a small power consumption, we can modify it, at least they can do

5.You can display a message.
4.The detected object, the final output signal level is low, the object is not detected, the final output signal high level.
5. TTL level sensor output can be directly connected to the MCU IO Port 3.3 volts or 5 volts.