Light box kit (LED source with mirrors in box) 212082 صندوق ضوئي

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Light box kit (LED source with mirrors in box)

SKU: 212082 

Brand: Jeulin

Complete quality set for the study of color synthesis and the way in which light rays propagate. The LED source designed by Jeulin does not heat up and is of very good quality. It has a storage space for the supplied accessories (slots, power supply).

1 LED source with mirrors (ref. 201038) 1 set of 6 colored filters 1 set of 8 matt colored cards 50 x 50 mm 1 Hartl disc 1 plane mirror 2 metal parabolic mirrors 3 lenses: 2 biconvex lenses, 1 biconcave lens 3 different prisms 1 blade with parallel faces 1 semi-cylindrical block Ø 76 mm 1 semi-cylindrical tank Ø 70 mm for liquids

The strong points

  • Quality LED source

  • Complete set: colors, additive, subtractive syntheses, apparent color of an object and propagation of light rays