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DFROBOT Macqueen Micro:bit Robot Platform - Graphical Programming Educational Robotic Car for Kids - STEM Learning DIY Mini Robot Kit for Maker Education (Without Micro:bit Board)


  • Supply Voltage: 3.5V~5V DC (Three AAA batteries or 3.6V~3.7V Li-ion battery)
  • N20 All-metal Gear Motor x 2:
  • Motor Reduction Ratio: 1:150
  • Maximum Rotate Speed: 133 rpm
  • Motor Drive Mode: PWM motor drive
  • Programming Method: Make code graphical programming, Mind graphical programming (based on Scratch 3.0)
  • Dimension: 81mm x 85 mm x 44mm/3.19 x 3.35 x 1.73in (NO Micro:bit)
  • Weight: 75.55g (No batteries NO micro:bit board and accessories)


What's Maqueen?

Stand on the shoulders of giants (micro:bit)

Hello, my name is Maqueen, is a graphical programming robot for STEM education, which inherits playability and simple operation of micro:bit. The Mini-body, interesting features and plug-and-play allow children to quickly learn graphic programming in entertaining, nurturing children's interest in science and logical thinking.



  1. Infrared Grayscale Sensor(High-low level) x 2
  2. Buzzer x 1
  3. Infrared Receiver (NEC decoder) x 1
  4. LED Car Lights (High-low level control) x 2
  5. RGB Ambient Light (Full color 16 million) x 4
  6. SR04, SR04P Ultrasonic Interface(5V) x 1
  7. I2C (3.3V) x 1
  8. Servo Port x 2
  9. IO Expansion port x 2
  10. micro: bit slot x 1