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MC-38 Window/Door Magnetic Sensor

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Brand new
Color: White
Material: ABS
Dimension: Approx. 27 x 14 x 8(mm)
Switch Pattern: NC normally closed; N/O normally open, alarm-on-broken
Voltage: 100V DC
Rated power: 10W
Actuation Distance: Approx. 15-25mm
Wire Lead: 24 Awg, about 350mm long
Mounting Method: SMD (by screws or double-sided tapes)

Recommendations in Application: Wooden door, window

Easy installation Reliable performance
Good characteristic of abrasion-proof
Best Choice for you to protect family

There are two types of reed switches: "normally open" reed switches and "normally closed" reed switches.

The metal reeds on a normally open switch stay open when there is no magnet near the switch.

In the presence of a magnetic field, the contacts of a normally open reed switch will close.

A normally-closed reed switch is closed when it is not near a magnet; as a magnet is brought close to it, a normally-closed switch will open