Mechanics Kit 1 SKME01

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Mechanics Kit 1 includes components for 18 activities on mechanics based topics. The kit comes in a heavy duty carry-case for ease of storage. A full manual with detailed activities for both the teacher and the student is included.

Experiments include:

  • Pendulum- simple harmonic motion
  • Constant motion of a cart
  • Constant acceleration of a cart
  • Free fall
  • Inertia
  • Newton’s second law
  • Newton’s third law
  • Relationship between weight and mass
  • Pulleys with a spring
  • Vertical force table and vector addition
  • Pulley mechanical advantage
  • Lever
  • Atwood machine
  • Mechanical advantage of multiple pulley system
  • Incline plane
  • Friction
  • Hooke’s law with springs
  • Harmonic motion of a spring.