Model Set Molecular – Inorganic/Organic (india) نموذج عضوي/غير عضوي

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The set can be used to make any number of organic and inorganic molecules, can be used to demonstrate isomerism in organic compounds and many of the most common geometries shown by atoms main group and transition metal compounds. Packed in a suitable box with teaching notes.

Available in two options:

1. 64 atoms of Different colors and 26 medium link grey 31mm and 12 long flexible links grey 46 mm. 3 Lone pair, pear shape Beige colour.

2. 52 atoms of Different colour and 20 medium link grey 31 mm, 5 medium link purple colour 31 mm and 12 long flexible links grey 46 mm. 3 lone pair electron cloud flat pear shaped.