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Motion model 332091

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Motion model

Brand: Jeulin

SKU: 332091

The strong points

  • Accelerated, slowed and uniform movements

  • Rectilinear and circular movements

  • Workable model with stopwatch or webcam

"With this model, the students construct trajectories step by step. They acquire the skill: characterize a movement; they reinvest the notion of the value of speed and the teacher introduces the notions of direction and meaning. The uniform and varied rectilinear movements as well as the circular movements are fully processed using this model. Functions and uses that guarantee a perfectly adequate response to the new program: Uniform rectilinear motion With the movement model, the student makes an object move at constant speed. He observes the displacement of a marked point and for a constant Δt measured with a chronometer, he marks the successive positions of the point. Then, he concludes on the nature of the movement. Thus, it exploits the relationship between speed, distance and duration. The movement is reproducible, which allows the pooling of results. Varied rectilinear movement The movement model has an acceleration and deceleration adjustment adjustable by potentiometer to obtain an increasing or decreasing object speed. The acceleration or deceleration ramp is known and can be produced, the results are quickly evaluated and pooling is facilitated in the classroom. Circular movement With the supplied "disk" accessory, the student studies uniform circular movements. Using the same operating mode as before, the student notes the different positions of a point on the disc and concludes on the nature of the movement. In addition, the student experimentally determines the frequency of rotation of a mobile. Video presentation: link

- 1 block with motor and control - 1 power supply unit - 1 block with return pulley - 1 cord (low-stretch thread of small diameter for reduced friction) - 1 disc with notch - 1 object to place on cord or disc