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Novex Stereomicroscope AP-1 4.0

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Eyepieces  Paired locked-in widefield eyepieces WF10x/20 with eye shades
Head  Binocular straight head with diopter adjustment on one tube, interpupillary distance adjustable between 55 and 75 mm
Objectives  Standard equipped with an interchangeable paired objective 2x. Standard magnification 20x and a field of view 10 mm. Other magnifications can be reached with the interchangeable paired objectives 1x, 3x, 4x, 6x or widefield eyepieces WF 5x, WF 15x or WF 20x The dovetailed objective is located just under the binocular head
Stand  The binocular head is vertically adjustable along the stand rod. Rack and pinion focusing with slip-clutch mechanism, range 40 mm. The flat stand base is provided with an interchangeable black-white stage plate and 2 object clamps