OPTIC OXYGEN PROBE 482082 مستشعر غاز الاكسجين والاكسجين المذاب في الماء

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The strong point 
  • No electrolyte

    No diaphragm

    Diameter 12 mm (compatible with your bioreactor, fermenter, human metabolism enclosure, human respiration enclosure accessories)

    Works in air and water

This oxygen sensor+probe assembly is based on optical technology. It makes it possible to measure the oxygen concentration in the air and in the water simply, quickly and without constraint.

A reliable system for all your manipulations
- No warm-up time
- Resistant and protected measuring system
- Operation in air and water

Save time in the lab
- No electrolyte
- No diaphragm
- Unsystematic and simplified calibration: in 1 click

With its 12 mm diameter, the probe is directly compatible with your accessories
- Bioreactor
- Human metabolism enclosure
- Human breathing enclosure
- Animal breathing enclosure
- Fermenter

Works with a Tooxy ® , Foxy ® or AirNeXT ® ExAO console.