OR Gate IC SN74LS86N

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The SN74LS86 is a quad 2-input Exclusive OR gate IC. The XOR gate may be created with a transistor or other gates, but this would result in a big circuit, thus we use the 74LS86 IC to overcome this problem. There are four internal XOR gates in the IC 7486. The IC is smaller in size, and it has built-in speed protection. The IC's output is TTL, which means it may be used with other TTL-based devices including microcontrollers. At the logic level, the IC is often used in the design of an adder.

Internal Structure and Truth Table of 74LS86 IC,


Rated Voltage 4.75-5.25V
Operating Temperature Range 0~70C
Dimension(LxBxH) 19.3mm x 8.6mm x 7mm