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The strong points
  • Possibility of varying only one parameter at a time (mass, pendulum length or damping)

  • Variable length, mass and damping

  • Simple fixing of the various elements

Feasible manipulations: - Study of the natural period of a simple pendulum and the damping of a heavy pendulum - Notions of amplitude, period, pseudoperiod, aperiodic and critical regimes

Simple pendulum support: fixing fork for stepped pulley, 1 meter wire, height-adjustable weight fixing clip. - Heavy pendulum support: fixing fork on stepped pulley, graduated rigid rod L = 600 mm. - 2 weights 100 and 150 g with attachment system for clip and graduated rod. - Shock absorber disc with mass attachment system. - Palette for studying aperiodic and critical regimes, is attached to the end of the graduated rod. - A stepped pulley with high quality ball bearings.