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The strong points
  • Point fixing of the wire

  • Adjustable wire length

  • Easy to read angles

This material respects the conditions of the simple pendulum model: punctual attachment of the wire, inextensible wire of negligible mass, control of the angle of oscillation which must remain low. The device allows: - to vary the length of the wire very simply from 0 to 2 m thanks to a clever notched winder system: with each turn of the winder the length of the wire varies exactly 10 cm, - to control the angle of the pendulum oscillations from 0 to 40 °, - to have several masses of known value and of the same volume (PVC 8 ​​g, aluminum 14 g, brass 40 g). A mass support fixed on the wire allows rapid substitution of the suspended mass without the need to adjust the length of the wire. The pendulum is mounted on a standard laboratory support (not supplied) equipped with a rod Ø 6 to 16 mm or a square rod of section 15x15 mm.