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PH-meter 702244

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The strong points
  • Ease of use Stand-alone or connected Integrated "Plug and Measure" software Data transfer (USB output) 3-point calibration with predefined or personalized buffers Compatible with all pH electrodes

This pH meter can be operated as a measuring device or connected to a PC.
The 'Plug and Measure' function allows the software to be launched when connecting the pH meter to the PC, requiring no installation.

The 'pH-metric dosing' software allows the device to be calibrated and the calibration to be stored in a '.txt' file.
Instantaneous measurements are displayed in a screen on the left.
This helps control the pH of a solution.

In 'dosing' mode, the measurement is semi-automated. The student enters the volume increment, and for each validation, the software stores the two variables, volume and pH simultaneously.
This allows the plotting of the pH=f(V) curve.

Analysis tools are integrated into the software:
- derived
- tangent method.

The student will be able to determine, depending on the pH and the selected color indicator, the colors to be visualized. This facilitates experimentation and makes the link with the color observed in the solution.

The device has a large graphic display (6.6 cm) and a unique selection wheel.
The features are easily accessible and the information clearly visible.
This device allows you to record, store and later restore measurements in spreadsheet format via the USB connection.