Power Supply, AC/DC RADC

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Power Supply RADC is specially designed for selectable (by means of a positive click stop rotary knob) AC & DC output voltage with a current rating up to 6Amps. This power supply is sturdy and economic, for most of the low-voltage experiments. The unit is equipped with a primary fuse and overload protection.

Thermal reset circuit breaker for overload protection.
Colour-coded safety sockets.
Selectable AC/DC output voltage.
Safety socket for earthing.
Rigid ABS construction.
Stackable housing.
Ergonomic feet

Technical Specifications:
Input Voltage: 110V / 220V AC (Selectable)
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Current Rating: 0.4A
Power: 100W (max.) @ 220V AC
Fuse (Primary): 2A
Output Voltage AC: 2-12V, with a Step of 1V
Output Voltage DC: 2-12V, with a Step of 1V
Output Current: 6A (max.)
Operating Temperature Range: Room Temperature (24°C approx.)
Ingress Protection Code: IP20