Pressure / Volume set 252047 مجموعة الضغط / الحجم

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Pressure / Volume set

SKU: 252047

Brand: Jeulin 

The strong points

  • No disassembly to adjust the air volume and check PV = Constant

  • Graduations protected by a film


This set makes it possible to compress or relax the air contained in the syringe while measuring its pressure. The 3-way valve has 2 functions: - adjustment of the volume of air to be compressed (placing the outside air in communication with the syringe), - maintaining the pressure measured by the manometer by ceasing to exert pressure on the piston (closing of the communication between the syringe and the manometer). The manometer is graduated up to 5 bars to demonstrate the relationship between pressure and volume.

- 1 graduated syringe 60 mL, - 1 3-way valve for air circulation and pressure maintenance, - 1 tube, - 1 manometer graduated up to 5 bars (compression and expansion).