Ripple Tank 220V جهاز حوض الموجات

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The purpose of this unit is to demonstrate wave formation transmission, reflection and interference by projecting water waves on to the front glass screen. A vibrator with dippers and an illuminant with inbuilt motor driven stroboscope to produce a stable wave formation provided with the ripple tank. The water tank portion of the unit consists of a stainless steel basin with a sealed and transparent glass. This removable basin can be lifted out in order to add of drain the water. The front casing of the unit has a large piece of frosted glass (260x230) mm installed vertically and serves as the projection screen. The light source and vibration source are mounted on a long square cross sectional pole erected at the back of the unit by using knobs provided with the apparatus; the slots on the pole allow the height of the vibration source to be easily adjusted. The vibration frequency can be adjusted by just rotating the potentiometer fitted in the side of the vibration source. The vibration source box consists of an electromagnet, a potentiometer, a vibrating pole, a vibrator.Within the internal frame, there is a large mirror at a 45º angle, which reflects the images of the waves produced in the water tank on the front glass screen. A set of accessories single point dipper, double point dipper, straight wave dipper and two L shape obstacles are provided with the apparatus for producing single waves, double waves and straight waves. The operating voltage for the instrument is 220 V /50 Hz.