Robot Krypton 0 V2

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The Abilix Krypton 0 v2 educational robot is a teaching aid that will be perfect at the beginning of the road with programming and robotics. The set includes 409 bricks that allow you to design as many as 17 versions of the robot (the attached instructions will facilitate their construction). Learning with the use of an educational robot develops creativity and logical thinking, and also makes it easier to take the first steps in programming in 3 languages: Abilix Drag & Drop, Scratch and Flow-chart: Abilix DRAG & DROP - this is easy and intuitive programming for beginners, it consists in dragging and rearranging "tiles "With commands, Abilix SCRATCH - the most popular programming language in Polish schools - for intermediate students, Abilix FLOW-CHART - algorithms/flowcharts for intermediate students.

Krypton 0 v2, thanks to the controller with a hot spot module, enables quick and trouble-free connection with the mobile application (the Abilix Krypton Today's Future application for tablets and phones is available on tablets and phones with Android, IOS, and computers).

The tutorial available from the level of a modern and intuitive application will help in constructing robots - in addition to the step-by-step instructions for building robots, it also includes a set of activities for robots.

Technical Specifications:

  • Number of blocks: 409
  • Sensors: 4 (2x position detection built into the motor, grayscale, collision)
  • Number of actuators: 2 x small drive motor
  • Controller with ARM Cortex 72 MHz processor
  • Control screen: no / in-app control
  • Built-in: LED, speaker
  • Power supply: 6 x AA
  • Ports: 4 x sensor, 2 x motor
  • WiFi
  • Interactive application "Abilix Krypton-Todays Future" for IOS and Android
  • Programming in 3 languages: Abilix Drag & Drop, Abilix SCRATCH, Abilix Flow-Chart