Sensor + CO2 probe Air/Water 482085 حساس ثنائي الكربون في الهواء والمذ – SMARTQAT

Sensor + CO2 probe Air/Water 482085 حساس ثنائي الكربون في الهواء والمذاب في الماء

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The strong points
  • Paired probe and adapter to make the measurement chain more reliable and limit the need for calibration Measurement in air and in water Compatible with all your ExAO accessories (Ø 12 mm) Probe diagnostic function

This sensor with probe will allow a faster and simpler implementation of your practical work sessions both in their implementation and in their development. Indeed, because the probe is paired with the sensor, this CO 2 -metry solution limits the need for calibration at each session, which saves you time when preparing your experiments.
The integrated display allows calibration, the choice of working environment (air/water) as well as the visualization of the value directly on the sensor, while allowing them to be accessed by the software of your console.
Its 12 mm diameter gives it perfect compatibility with your existing equipment such as bioreactors, human breathing enclosures, animal breathing enclosures, etc.

Works with a Tooxy ® , Foxy ® or AirNeXT ® ExAO console.

In order for the sensor to be correctly recognized by the Scientific Workshop, your software must be up to date (version 6.0). The update can be done directly from your console and is also available in our dedicated space .

Supplied with 1 spare probe head, 1 bottle of 30 mL of electrolyte and 1 kit of 5 ready-to-use calibration solutions (composed of 5 pre-measured bottles of acid calibration solution and 5 pre-measured bottles -dosed with calibration base solution).