Sensor Dropper Counter 482091 مستشعر القطرات

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Foxy Dropper Sensor
Brand: Jeulin

SKU: 482091

Associated with a pH sensor or conductimeter, this dropper sensor allows the success of your pH-metric or conductimetric dosages and titrations. The repeatability and traceability of the measurements are greatly improved compared to a visual determination on a graduated burette.
The practical work is thus fully or partially automated, guaranteeing results in a short time.
The student remains active, the learning of technical gestures is respected.
Time is saved on the repetitive part of the lab.

This sensor, made up of a counting fork, allows the measurement of up to 10 drops per minute, for drop sizes from 0.5 mm.
Positioned directly under a conventional burette, this sensor allows measurements to be automated, while maintaining the need for the technical gestures necessary for a successful titration.
This sensor easily attaches to standard chemistry supports.

Allows semi-automation of titration manipulations in chemistry, and more generally, of all manipulations requiring precise measurement of liquid volume.

Works with a Tooxy ® , Foxy ® or AirNeXT ® ExAO console.

The strong points

  •  Semi-automated dosing

    For use with pH and conductivity electrodes
    Location for temperature probe
    Fixing on any type of support
    Measures in mL or number of drops
    Minimum footprint