SP1848-27145 40x40x3.6mm Peltier Cooler Plate

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1. Temperature electromotive force (a): 190x > uV/ C
Optimum value (Z): 2.5 ~ 3x10-3W/ OC
2. Model: SP1848-27145
Working Environment: -60~125 degree
Lead Length: about 30cm
3. Thermal conductivity (K): 15~16x10-3-W/ C cm
Conductivity: 850~1250 Omega -1.cm-1
4. Thermoelectric parameter:
100% brand new and high quality.
The heating side is empty
Red wire to positive, black wire to the negative, it generates electricity when the temperature difference happened
5. Small and lightweight, convenient for use.
Designed specifically for power generation.
Sealed for moisture protection and contains thermal elements formulated for optimum Seebeck power generation.
High temperature 150°C, with NM static protection