Spring for Heated bed MK3 CR-10

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  • Die Spring: compatible with most 3D Printer Heated Bed, great Ender 3, Ender 3 pro heat bed springs, flat top and stiffer;
  • CR-10 25mm OD8mm ID 4mm yellow
  • Rectangular Section, strong, keeps print bed level better
  • Length: 0.78″/ 25mm

Creality Ender 3 Spring CR-10S CR-10 Compression Springs 3D Printer Heat Bed Leveling Springs

Loading Grade: Light Load
Material: Metal
Die springs are primarily used in die machinery. For die springs, the yellow colour here represents that the loading grade is a light load.

Additionally, we want to tell you: in the yellow, blue, red, green, and brown die springs, the YELLOW ones are the lightest load ones.

However, because die springs are well suited for high-stress applications, they are also suitable for a variety of other applications.