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Structure and synthesis of DNA,RNA and proteins (Genetic code set) 702127

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The strong points
  • Structure and synthesis of DNA, RNA and proteins

Understanding by manipulating ... It is by manipulating this simplified model that your students quickly assimilate the mechanisms of conservation, transmission, transcription and translation of genetic information. Ease and speed of assembly: - All the elements (bases, amino acids, transfer RNA, bonds) fit together by simple sliding. - Excellent mechanical resistance to repeated use. A very useful deformation ... - Possibility of making assemblies in a plan (representation of the RNA for example), - double helix assemblies (in the case of DNA). Principle: The elements provided make it possible to build and understand: - DNA, the support of the genetic code, - the bases and their pairings, the double helix structure, - the complementarity of the constituent strands, - the separation of the strands followed by replication, producing 2 identical DNAs, - the synthesis of a messenger RNA from a strand, - the codon, the basic unit of genes, - protein synthesis, - the coding of amino acids.

- Adenine, - Cytosine, - Thymine, - Guanine: 4 x 24 - Uracil (RNA): 24 - Flexible connections: 120 - Amino acids: 20 (x 2) tRNA: 16