Synchro Sound clap 453127

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The strong points
  • Very useful for determining the speed of sound with a sound meter sensor Can also be used to study seismology

The synchro sound clap is equipped with 2 sockets to connect safety banana wires if desired.
A small sleeve provides insulation to avoid any short circuit, it also allows easy handling of the 2 sticks.

The success of a lab on the speed of sound implies having high-performance and easy-to-implement equipment to synchronize the start of the measurement. The material used thus makes it possible to generate a sound of sufficient intensity to trigger the measurement with your interface without creating an annoying cacophony for the class.

It also makes it possible to create a shock and to synchronize the acquisition during the study of seismic waves. The shock is then recorded by the Sismo sensors in order to determine the speed of the wave in the material.