Tooxy interface-battery powred 480003

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Stand-alone Tooxy Console
Brand: Jeulin


Tooxy® is a complete solution designed to meet the expectations of the college. With a single base and its two sensor housings with display, you perform all of the college's measurements. Tooxy® is a revolutionary CAD/CAM console: no driver or software installation is required. The console integrates a simplified version of the CAD/CAM software: The Scientific Workshop. The software starts instantly when you connect your data acquisition console to a computer. It allows you to acquire and process data without any training of the student. Tooxy® is the shortest way to ExAO, a future proof equipment that ensures simplicity whatever your use! Tooxy® can also be used, without the need for a computer, as a measuring instrument with the reading of your measurement value directly on the sensor display. Tooxy® standalone is powered by built-in batteries to meet all your practices. Presentation video: ...

The strong points

  • Integrated software: you plug in, you experiment

  • No driver installation

  • Saving of your curves possible in the console