TTL to RS485 Hardware Automatic Control Converter Module

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(1) Wide voltage power supply (3.0V ~ 30V), the limit voltage is 33V, it is recommended to use within 30V, the voltage should be higher than 2.8V.
(2) Compatible with 3.3V and 5.0V signals, both can match the module
(3) High EMC and EMI performance.
(4) It has strong anti-interference ability, and adopts powerful 485 lightning protection design. The working temperature is - 40 ℃ to + 85 ℃.
(5) With terminal and silicone wire, it is very convenient to use.
(6) With RXD, TXD signal indicator

(1) This module fully considers the lightning protection design and anti-interference design of 485 bus. It has very high EMC and EMI performance. In the field long-distance transmission, connecting the "Earth" end of the module to the earth can play a good role in anti-interference and lightning protection, and make 485 bus more secure; Indoor short distance transmission can not access to the earth.
(2) With standard 2.54 spacing needle, convenient for your secondary development
(3) With 120 ohm matching resistance, short circuit R0 can make matching resistance, short circuit is recommended for long distance transmission.
(4) It supports multi machine communication and can connect at least 40 nodes in the same network
(5) It can be hot swapped without signal blocking
(6) The anti-interference wiring and copper laying mode can prevent the signal from being interfered

Module features:
1.Lightning protection design and anti-interference design
2.With standard 2.54 pitch pin header,convenient for your secondary development
3.With 120 ohms matching resistance,short circuit R0 can enable the matching resistance,long-distance transmission is recommended short connection
4.Support multi-machine communication,at least 40 nodes can be connected to the same network
5.It can be hot-swapped without signal bolting
6.Anti-interference wiring and copper laying method to prevent signal interference