U Type Electro-magnet- مغناطيس كهربائي

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U Type Electro-magnet
Art NO.: 20620.01
To demonstrate the basic construction
& working principle of the horse shoe

A hands-on way for students to more closely examine the power of electromagnetism. The U-shaped electromagnet has two excitation coils and an iron core armature with a small hook or loop to allow it to be suspended or mounted on a retort stand.

There are 2 terminals at both ends of each coil allowing each coil to function separately. The coils can be connected to each other to form a complete u-shaped electromagnet. Approximate 1A / 6V and can provide electromagnetic force of almost 30N.

A steel bar connected to a hook allows quantitative analysis, where students can mount slotted weights or spring scale or force datalogging sensor to measure the force.

 The overall length is approximately 13 centimeter.