Universal Stainless Steel Extrusion Gear 26 Teeth

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  • Inner diameter : 5 mm
  • Gear Toothed Length : 7mm
  • Outer diameter : 11mm
  • Size(L x W) : 11mm x 11mm
  • Number of Tooth : 26 Teeth



Inner Diameter 5 mm
Gear Toothed Length


Outer Diameter


Size (LxW)

11mm x 11mm

Number of Teeth

26 Teeth


Stainless Steel

Weight (gm)


Shipment Weight

0.03 kg

Shipment Dimensions

7 × 5 × 3 cm

This is a 26 Tooth Extruder Drive Gear that fits into extruder assemblies and firmly grips the 3D Printing Filament to move it towards or away from the hotend assembly. It is capable of high torque without damaging the filament, and fits directly onto the shaft of NEMA 17 Stepper Motors, making it simple to install but effective at assisting with consistent extrusion.

These particular Extruder Drive Gears are made for All types of 3D printer extruders and ensure that the filament is moved into the melt zone when extrusion is happening while pulling it back when the hotend is moving across the print bed. This translates to smooth and consistent extrusion, with improved print quality, and reduces the chances of clogging or similar problems. Although this is a basic little part, it is a vital part of the extruder system and counteracts the back-pressure of the melted filament within the hotend assembly.

Typical Applications For The Extruder Drive Gear is for extruder Drive Gear is designed to fit the TEVO Tarantula, but could be used on many other similar 3D Printers, or even in different machines altogether. It is made from brass, which is durable but soft enough to prevent filament damage and has a tiny form factor to easily fit without requiring any extra modifications.