Wool Felt Polishing Wheel

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Made of cashmere, good performance and craftsmanship, durable.
Polishing accessories are ideal for polishing most metal and plastic surfaces, wiping dust and keeping it clean, leaving a shiny surface on the metal.
It is soft and does not scratch the surface of the object, retaining the integrity of the object.
It is widely used in the special refining process of cylinder barrel mill, tube, mill, mold, medical equipment, beauty equipment, gold and silver jewelry, stainless steel, glass equipment, mechanical parts and so on.
Polishing wheels are consumables. These are ideal for polishing jewelry and other metal processing applications. They can be used for dremel tools and are suitable for rotating tool grinders.

Material: Fine Wool
Colour: White as the pictures show
Shank Diameter: 3mm, 1/8 inch
Wheel Diameter: 25mm, 1 inch