HALOT-ONE (CL-60) Resin 3D Printer Qatar

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One of the best resin 3d printers Qatar is available in smartqat for education and 3d printers stores. resin 3d printers are very good machines with the best prices in Qatar. resin 3d printer good prices. creality resin 3d printer in Doha & Qatar. buy resin 3d printer in qatar online on Smartqat Store.
  • 【SELF-DEVELOPED LIGHT SOURCE】Creality self-developed optical system of new generation compared with the directional matrix light source, HALOT-ONE adopts has the absolute advantages of 20% higher precision, 30% higher uniformity and 99% higher saturation, which perfectly solves the problems such as uneven light curing, overexposure as well as corrugated layer on the printed models.
  • 【POWERFUL KRENEL】Halot-One is equipped self-developed mainboard of new generation boasts a main control chip equipped with the ARM cortex-A53 64-bit pro-cessor to embrace a strong computing capability and data processing capability,realize leapfrog upgrade and greatly reduce the power consumption.
  • 【5.0″ DIGITAL HD TOUCH SCREEN】HALOT-ONE 3D Printer is equipped with 5.0″ monochrome 2K LCD whose resolution is up to 1620*2560,printing status, functions and parameter setting are clearly displayed,New Friendly UI Interface, easy to use and learn.
  • 【EFFICIENT COOLING AND FILTRATION SYSTEM】Creality specially designs the dual cooling systems for quick heat release.Activated carbon air filtration system can effectively reduce the odor emission.

Creality Self-developed Integral Light Source

Halot one uses new generation optical system, which adopts the light principle of reflection+refraction. Compared with the directional matrix light source, the integral light source makes the light intensity distribution of the whole screen uniform and each dimension of the model with consistent accuracy. The advantages of high precision, high saturation and 99%+ uniformity, perfectly solves all kinds of defective printings, such as uneven light curing and overexposure.

  • Self-developed High Performance Mainboard
  • 6″ monochrome LCD of 2K HD 2560×1620
  • Efficient Cooling and Filtration System
  • Creality New Slicing Software HALOT BOX
  • Precision Z-axis Module
  • Multiple Applications